Contactless (QR Code) Menu Ordering System for Restaurants

What is QR code ordering system?

 The table ordering system or contactless meal ordering system is another name for the QR code food ordering system.

Why is it important for restaurants to have a contactless coding system?


  1. All of the highlighted features are accessible in this version.
  2. A smartphone app is included with this system. All orders are received by your restaurant's staff using this mobile app.
  3. It simplifies the administration process by allowing for printer integration.
  1. You can utilise the same menu that is available for online ordering with this version.
  2. There's no need for various management platforms.
  3. All of your restaurant's orders are received in the same mobile app that handles all other online orders.
  1. A table ordering system is also incorporated in the POS at no extra cost.
  2. Orders can be received and managed directly from your POS system.
  3. The management procedure becomes simple and quick.

Payment Options

 The restaurant manager has the option of offering customers a variety of payment choices.

  1. This function can be enabled or disabled by the restaurant manager.
  2. The customer might continue to order food and ultimately pay with cash.
  1. The customer can use an online card payment option to make the payment.
  2. Payment can be made immediately after placing an order using a QR code.
  1. The restaurant staff produces a four-digit pin and assigns it to the customer in a pin-based order.
  2. The pin is produced with a single click and printed on the docket for each table using a POS printer.
  3. Customers won't have to pay for each order as a result of this.
  4. Customers can continue to order, and all orders will be added to their table in the POS system, where they can pay at the completion of the order.
  5. Restaurant employees can now print a new four-digit code for the new customer. (This functionality is only available on point of sale)

Printer & QR Code

Printer Integration

 Diner Rush’s cloud printers and Epson’s network printers are both compatible with printer integration.

Printable QR Codes

Simple menus or multi-level menus for customization, such as make-your-own salad or pizza, combos, and half-and-half pizza, can be simply created by the restaurant.