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The very first window you see after installing the app on your mobile is the log in screen. To login successfully you must be added as a user in the admin panel. To know more about creating a user account in the backend, click here. 

 You need 3 things to sign in successfully: 

  1.  Domain– The domain name is unique for every restaurant. generally, it’s the URL of your food ordering system. Enter this is domain name field without HTTP or www. If you are not sure what your domain is contact us at info@dinerrush.ca to find yours. 
  2.  Username– It is an email ID with which you add a new user using the admin panel. A single account can be used on multiple devices.
  3.  Password– It is created when you add a new user in the admin panel. 


All pages of ORA appear in the sidebar for quick access. It also shows the logo, name, contact number, and address of your restaurant. All this information can be added, updated, and modified using the admin panel. 


After logging in successfully, you see the home screen. All the received orders show up here. It shows basic information about the order like username, order number, date, time, status, and amount. The orders placed in advance shows a red outline. 

To know more details about an order, simply click on it. 

After clicking the order you enter the order details page. This page contains details of the order, user details, menu items, order instructions, amount details, update status, remind later, custom preparation time, and delay orders.

Order details

This section has 

  • Order#- order number
  • Order kind- delivery or pickup
  • Method- mode of payment(cash on delivery or online payment using stripe)

If it is an advance order, you will see some more essential details as written below:

  • Order type- advance or now 
  • Order placed at- This shows the time and date at which the order is placed
  • Order time- This shows the time and date on which the customer expects the delivery/pickup of the order

User details

Here we have the name, email, contact number, and address of the customer.

Menu Items

 It has details about the food ordered with special instructions to be taken care of.

Order instructions

 Any delivery/pickup related instructions show up here. 

Amount details

 It shows details about the charges, subtotal, additional charges, special discount, GST, or tips.

Update status

 It has 3 parts:

  • Preparing- this shows the status of your order as being prepared.
  • Ready- after the order is prepared, you can change the status to ready. The customer is notified with an email/text message when their order is ready. 
  • Complete- When you update the status to complete, the respective order moves to the completed orders and goes away from the home screen.

Remind later

If the order is placed in advance, you can set a reminder here with the date and time.

Custom preparation time

If the customer has ordered something which is not available straight away and you need some more time to prepare than usual, you can fill in the minutes and send a notification to your customer about the time required.

Delay order

Due to any circumstances, if the order gets delayed, you can notify your customer about the delayed timing by sending a notification.



If you want any changes in the app, they will appear in the web view and not the app directly until the app is modified. You will be able to see the changes in the web view only. 

Other than this, the web view holds a small summary of the order as shown below.




All completed orders land up here. You can view your orders from the past 15 days on this screen. There is a search option to search for all your orders in the past. As you click on the search field, you can fill in the start and end date between which you want to see the orders. 


When a customer reserves a table from your website, all reservation requests land up here. 

It contains basic information about the reservation like the date, no. of guests, time, and name of the person. You can accept and decline newly arrived reservation requests as per the availability of your restaurant. If you accept the request, a confirmation email is sent to your customer and if you reject the request, an apologetic email is sent to your customer.


All inactive customers appear here. When a customer has registered himself but not activated his account by clicking on the verification link, they land up here with an inactive tag, email id, and name. 

It contains a manage button, you can resend them the activation link by clicking on manage and then resend the email. There are two search options on this page, one is “SEARCH ALL” at the top right corner. In this, you can search your active as well as inactive customers.

Another is “SEARCH IN THE LIST”. This is used to search your inactive customers only. 


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