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What is an attribute?

An attribute can be considered as an ingredient of any menu. Generally, this option is used to create a database or collection of ingredients that are going to be used in more than one menu item. This saves the repetitive work, for eg if you are a pizza shop and you give an option for chicken in every pizza, instead of adding chicken as an option manually in each pizza simply create an attribute of chicken and use that in every pizza.

An attribute can be created while creating the menu also but that attribute will not be saved for later use.

How to add a new attribute:

  1. Sign in to your admin panel using your backend URL which is similar to  “yourdomainname/login”.
  2. On the left navigation, go to Menu > Attribute.

3. Click on ‘Add new attribute’ on the top right corner.

  1. Enter the name, price of the attribute, and click on submit. More than one price can be added by placing a comma(,) after each price.
You can customize the price of an attribute while creating the menu without making any change in the original attribute list. 
  1. An attribute is created successfully. 
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