How to add a delivery area

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Delivery Areas appear on the home page of your website. This helps the customers to know about the areas in which Delivery services are applicable. 

There are two types of delivery areas that can be added. The first one is zipcode and another one is the radius.

To add a delivery area:

  1. Sign in to your admin panel using your backend URL which is similar to  “yourdomainname/login”.
  2. On the left navigation, go to the ‘Settings >Delivery Area’.

  1. Click on ‘Add New Delivery Area’.

  1. Select the ‘Delivery Area’.

Enter the name, zip code, Charges, minimum order, activate the status and click on Submit.

Delivery is valid for the area of this zip code.

Delivery is valid within this radius of the restaurant only.

  1. Delivery areas are successfully added

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